Layering Sustainability Practices

If we are to meet the challenge of the climate crisis and create a better future, we need to tackle the crisis on multiple levels to achieve the change required in the time available.

Sustainability Work

Below are a selection of my ongoing sustainability projects. 


Personal Change

Developing new habits to protect the planet: vegan diet, active travel, and longevity purchases.



Ensuring all girls achieve their full potential, regardless of their background.

Candidate Buddy

Supporting other women in their journey to become elected as MPs & accelerate their political careers.

Communities & Organisations

Head of Finance & Operations

Creating the most diverse and environmentally aware company possible.


Social Justice Lead

Ensuring that all people in the community are fully considered in any planned changes in Hackney.


Leading the most diverse and inclusive Liberation Group, progressing green politics.

International Systems

UK Delegate

Discussing how women can achieve gender parity through the power of modern technology.


Elections Coordinator

Planning, building capacity and executing strategy for Green Candidates across Hackney.


Sustainability is such a far-reaching area, it’s impossible to remain up to date will the latest developments at all times. Here are some of the areas of focus for me which I believe can me the most powerful.

bees, wings, insects-4845211.jpg


Biomimicry emerges from a relationship with nature that is based on what we can learn from it, rather than what we can extract from it. It puts the western mind to work, channeling our scientific enterprise toward rebuilding connection to place and reigniting reverence for life.

International SDG Implementation

Each country needs to go on their own path to achieve a sustainable future. Multinational corporations must tailor their objectives in each country to support the nation's needs to ensure they are solving the right problems.

Regenerative Cultures

Our current working culture has led us to increased levels of stress and illness, resulting in a poor productivity rate. I'm interested in how we can create organisations and systems which are self-supporting and enable people to operate at their most dynamic, fulfilled selves.