For 10 years I have been helping organisations develop growth strategies, build innovative products, and restructure their operations to prepare them for their next phase.



Building companies driven by purpose, that make effective decisions through strong communications channels and manage risk over the long term.


Designing dynamic organisations that are able to evolve rapidly to the changing environment and are sensitive to local cultural practices.


Constructing robust financial processes and building business models to facilitate the decision-making process.

People & Recruitment

Creating great places to work, for globally diverse teams where people can function at their most productive and be themselves every day.


Being hands-on in the design, build, testing and roll-out of market leading applications, SaaS and internal tools.


Making sure the right people have the information they need in order to make timely decisions, based past evidence and future predictions.


Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership

Economics, BSc

Chartered Financial Analyst; ESG Investing Certification; Investment Management Certificate

Chartered Global Management Accountant



Never one to avoid being dropped in at the deep end, I took up hiking just before the pandemic when I agreed to join a friend on a trip to Everest Base Camp.


A self-confessed nerd, one of my favourite things to do in my spare time is reading non-fiction - learning new management methodologies, political theories and views on historical events.


Having attended classes on and off for years and taken part in a couple of amazing retreats, I finally taught myself a daily practice which helps keep me sane when life gets busy.