Surviving Lockdown 2.0

First published in 2020

England has just entered into another 4 weeks of maximum social restrictions due to the increasing rates of COVID-19 infections, with similar action taking place across the rest of the UK. The impact of these measures is compounded due to the seasonal weather, meaning colder temperatures and shorter days, and for those in the North and the Midlands who have been under local restrictions for much of the time since the first lockdown. We’re thinking of you all during this time, and we want to help you stay as safe and healthy as possible.

The team has put together their top tips for helping you support your mental and physical well-being over the next month:

  1. Break away
    • Make sure you take short, regular breaks throughout the day to prevent headaches and eye strain
    • We recommend get away from your desk and stretch your legs or setting yourself a reminder to get a glass of water every couple of hours
  2. Get your sunshine
    • Most of the UK is deficient in Vitamin D under normal circumstances, so it is doubly important to ensure you are getting your daily dose over the next 4 weeks
    • Stock up on Vitamin D tablets, and check the weather first thing and make the most of sunny forecasts by scheduling  a walk around the block to soak up those precious rays
  3. Minimise  stress
    • During the first wave of restrictions, there was a lot of pressure to make sure you were using that time efficiently – whether that be getting fit, learning a language or developing your side-hustle
    • We think living through a global pandemic, dealing with uncertain political and economic times, and holding down a job is enough pressure for anyone! Therefore, if that’s all you’re managing, then you’re doing just fine
  4. Power down
    • When working from home it’s all too easy to end up working all hours of the day and not having an appropriate work-life balance
    • Ensure you set yourself a ‘leaving work’ time and stick to it by giving yourself something to look forward to each evening
  5. Share the feels

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